What Is Active Living Solutions?

Depositphotos_22972110_s-2015Active Living Solutions started as a vision that Gail McGonigal had while recovering from a serious back injury that incapacitated her.

Active Living Solutions is committed to healing the physical pains in your body that prevent you from living a normal lifestyle.

The healing will come through the realignment of your physical posture in the way you stand and move; so your posture returns back to its original state.  Your pains will disappear and you will function normally again.

Gail is qualified Occupational Therapist who 'accidentally' healed her own incurable spinal condition and returned to a physically active lifestyle that surprised the medical community in her unique methods.

These proven methods will save hundreds of dollars in Physiotherapy/Chiropractor or other costly fees after you start using Gail's simple and inobtrusive techniques that healed her own spinal health problems.

Who Is Gail McGonigal


Gail McGonigal is the CEO of  Active Living Solutions and is a qualified but non-practising Occupational Therapist.

Gail is able to support this statement as she erased all the debilitating pain in her own spine and hands by using her own products. It is no sales gimmick because Gail took up cycling as a hobby when she was much younger and living in England. After moving to Canada, Gail had to visit a chiropractor after she accidentally slipping on some black ice when walking in the winter on some icy side walk. Gail save herself from falling, but in doing so injured to her spine that needed treatment from a spinal chiropractor.

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