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Stop Back Pain Now!

FREE "Therapeutic Active Living Plan"

with Purchase of any Ergonomic Chair!

Active Living Solutions Ltd. is a company that specializes in ergonomic chairs for the larger person performing productive activies in a sitting position.
An Occupational Therapist is on staff, who will teach you how to be comfortable sitting position.
Each style of chair is modular, so parts are inter-changeable for creating your own particular preferences in any ergonomic chair.

Come and visit Vancouver for a break and be fitted with your own ergonomic chair! Discounted hotel rates are currently being arranged with hotels in downtown Vancouver, for out-of-season rates for your visit.          

The plan will include:

  • How to sit with support and be comfortable in a chair (ergonomic sitting).
  • Correct skeletal balance when transferring in and out of an ergonomic chair.
  • Correct breathing for improving your energy level.
  • Guidance in safe functional movements for other activities preventing skeletal pains.
  • Living a more balanced life using ergonomic movements/
  • A toll-free number for you to contact Gail when you need help with the plan.