About Gail McGonigal

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Gail McGonigal is the CEO of  Active Living Solutions and is a qualified but non-practising Occupational Therapist.

Gail is able to support this statement as she erased all the debilitating pain in her own spine and hands by using her own products. It is no sales gimmick because Gail took up cycling as a hobby when she was much younger and living in England. After moving to Canada, Gail had to visit a chiropractor after she accidentally slipping on some black ice when walking in the winter on some icy side walk. Gail save herself from falling, but in doing so injured to her spine that needed treatment from a spinal chiropractor.

After examining Gail's spinal X-rays, the spinal chiropractor asked Gail what she was doing in her life that had healed her spine of the scoliosis. Gail remained puzzled with this question and so the chiropractor showed Gail the results of her spinal X-ray.

Before her treatment began, Gail had reported that she has scoliosis in her spine from a leg length discrepancy of about 3 centimetres that had been found when she suffered a gym accident as a teenager.

The chiropractor pointed out the imbalance in her pelvic joints that would attribute the scoliosis source of the imbalance to this area.  But then he pointed to the spine that was completely upright and totally straight. It showed no sign of scoliosis whatsoever!

Gail was just as surprised as the chiropractor and had not a clue as to what she was doing that would completely erase the scoliosis in her spine. As Gail continued to see the chiropractor for her ongoing treatment to the spinal trauma to her spine, Gail discussed her thoughts about how she might have worked out the scoliois from her spine.

Gail had come to the conclusion that it was her sitting position in cycling that her spine must have replicated as being a safer holding posture for positioning the spine in during the day.

Gail has become so use to accustomed to sitting on her pelvic joints that she now sits in this position all the time when she is not on the bicycle..  Gail does not use a chair as her sitting position on the bicycle does not require a back rest.  By sitting on her pelvic joints, her spine becomes erect and well-supported on its own. This spinal position is perfectly safe for the spine to remain in a vertical position without any muscle strength required for holding the spine in place.

As you rotate your legs which that the bicycle forward, your body will enjoy this movement of the spine as all the tweaks can be forced out of the spine and it will feel much  better. When sitting on a stool, you are able to move both your hands and your feet safely, which the spine will like as movement is what the spine needs for erasing any discomforts from your spine.

This useful piece of knowledge led to Gail writing an article with the title: “Riding a Bicycle is Cheaper than Visiting a Chiropractor” as the chiropractor uses exactly the same principal for eliminating all the problems in your spine (except you're lying down getting your treatment being done to you and not sitting up like on a bicycle where you can do the rotation movements -or treatment yourself, for nothing) .

Cycling is therefore an amazing tool to use that follow the principals of empowerement, by taking an enjoyable activity and using it to take control of providing yourself with therapy that will improve your own physical problems that are natural on not evasive to your body.