Skecher Shape-up Shoes Healed My Walking After A Hip Fall!

Accidental falls can have dramatic consequences, especially when it takes you by complete surprise as this fall did for me on unforgiving concrete!  My friend’s dog dashed in front of me that took me by surprise as we walked along the sea front in Bellingham, WA.

I went flying forwards and landed heavily on my left hip to unforgiving concrete. The hip  pain was excruciating and I thought that I must have broken my hip as the impact was so very hard! It took me more than a few moments to come to my senses as I lay on the ground.

I tried to move my leg hip and unbelievably it moved, but not without considerable pain. I knew then that the hip was not broken, or I would have never been able to move the hip joint.

I was very relieved, but truly surprised that such a hard impact on concrete could have had such a result. I blessed myself for consuming all the daily calcium that I consume, for protecting my bones when I cycle so much, as I feared breaking any bone that would limit my overall mobility.

As a retired Occupational Therapist, I am fully aware of the functional limitations that can occur when certain bones are broken in your body. I truly wanted to minimize this from ever happening, by protecting my bones from this of occurrence.

The calcium had worked for me, but the worst part of my current situation was that I was visiting a friend in Bellingham, WA in the USA for the day from Vancouver. I still had to get back to the bus depot, get on the bus back Vancouver and finally to get home. I never anticipated that I would have such a dramatic accidental fall!

But after taking some time to recover, my friend then helped me to stand up. I tried putting weight through the hip joint, it hurt like crazy, but it was manageable to limp on. It had to be, as I still had to get back on the bus depot in order to get back to Vancouver.

Staff at the bus depot were able to provide me with a bag of ice to help numb the hip pain and reduce the swelling that had already started occurring. Every movement was painful, but I just gritted my teeth and just tried to keep the hip moving. If there was no ability to move the hip, then the hip would have been broken, so I needed to keep this hip moving; or I would have even more difficulty moving it the following day.

Once I was sitting on the bus, it became even more difficult to move the hip again. Thankfully the border agency staff were sympathetic to my dilemma and came to see me on the bus, bringing  me more ice to keep my hip comfortable. I was truly appreciative of the support and help that I received from strangers, as I had never been in this sort of situation before.

Once I arrived in Vancouver, my dilemma suffered more hurdles, as I normally walked to the  bus stop and take the bus home.  But I stood outside the bus depot, I knew that I had to take the taxi home as I knew that I could not even get my foot up to climb on to the bus!

The taxi driver asked me if I  needed to go to the hospital. I thought about it, but then realised rationally that if I was able to move the hip joint, then there is no reason for an X-ray. So I told him to just take me home.

This was the photo that I took when I first got home, which showed how the bruise had started to develop around my hip:


I phoned the doctor the following morning and told him about the accident and how painful the hip had become and was almost completely immobile in pain. He prescribed me a few tablets of codeine that lasted until the end of the week, then I would have less pain to come in and see him by bus.

As I had described to him, the pain around the hip was much worse by the next day and I was unable to put any weight through the affected hip. I only used the codeine at night, as I knew the codeine will make me fall asleep and I needed to stay alert to help cope with my functional dilemma.

The next day, the colour of the bruise had changed again and started to look like this:Fall day 1.a.Sept2015

I was able to hop around my suite on my unaffected leg that made it easier to manage my own personal care and make my morning coffee, but decided to lay in bed for the duration of the day, until I had the energy to plan a new direction in my life at the moment.

Life is not fun when you are normally independent and suddenly everything becomes difficult to perform.

Day 3 of fall

By day 3  after the fall, my hip looked like this. Not a pretty site and you can imagine how it must have felt!

Trying to walk on my left leg created the most unimaginable pain from the beginning, so I hopped around until I could find some shoes that did not give me so much pain to walk on.

I looked in my closet and noticed the Skecher shape-up shoes that I had purchased to use for my website. I then wondered if they might help to heal my hip pain, as well as my spine. I decided to test them out and see how I walked in these shoes.

Once I put the shoes on and started walking, all my hip pain disappeared and I was able to walk again without any limp and could actually walk quite normally!

I was truly amazed that I could walk without any pain, as I thought I would have to rent a pair of axilla crutches, in order to gain some form of mobility! I was stunned to believe that I could walk without pain in the Skecher Shape-up shoes and yet I could not put weight on my left hip using any other shoes!

I tested both shoes again. I could not walk at all in my trainers, but the moment I put on the Skecher Shape-up shoes – all  my pain just disappeared and I was able to walk pain-free!

I had to investigate this further and try to understand what the shoes were doing that healed the terrible pain that I had in my hip joint. I will explain the reason in another article. This is truly amazing knowledge that even the medical profession are not aware of for curing pain.




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