Active Living Solutions Can Heal the Skeletal Pains in Your Spine

The time has come for me to explain about my about website – Active Living Solutions.

By reading this blog, I hope you will understand how I came about my ideas that have erased my own chronic back pain without even knowing how I had done it!

I am a trained Occupational Therapist who is now retired from clinical work, but I have the academic qualifications behind my own ideas, as well as an MSc. in Health Promotion that has contributed further to my ideas and knowledge.

I have also experienced what you are going through and that is why I am writing this blog.  I want to show you how your back pain can be cured by selling you the tools that will eliminate it completely. My also to to educate you on why you had the pain in the first place.

It may mean you having to make some changes in your lifestyle, so that you can keep the pain away.  Before I do this, I want to tell you my own story first that will give you insight into how this has all developed for me.

How I Healed My Back Pain Without Even Knowing It!

You may not believe my story, but in all honestly I had absolutely no idea when I took up cycling as a recreational hobby in my late twenties that I was going to heal the painful permanent spinal deformity; that I had been diagnosed as a teenager and had given me so much grief as a physically active woman.

When I was a teenager I played a lot of sports – field hockey, netball, gymnastics, played tennis, cricket etc. I wasn’t brilliant in any of the sports, but I enjoyed them all.  I come from England, so our school sports activities are slightly different to North American sports – except soccer, which is now growing as a recognized sport in North America, especially with women; that unfortunately I never had the opportunity to play, when it was such a male dominated sport at that time!

When I was 13, I fell off the trampoline and injured my spine. I was rushed to hospital for X-rays. I was stiff and sore, but managed to survived the fall without any breaks. (Either I “bounced” or the calcium that I ingest in tablet form daily, makes my bones strong enough to handle any fall).

However, the doctors did find something abnormal in my spine and that was a lateral curve  called postural scoliosis. It was caused by one leg growing faster than the other leg and causing a compensatory lateral curve in my spine. Apparently, it is quite a common feature in tall females (2% of all females) and I was growing fast at my early youth.

In a normal human being the pelvic girdle rests across both legs, which are supposed to grow at the same rate. My right leg was longer than my left leg, which caused a tilt in the pelvic bone and as a  result my spine had a compensatory curve that balanced out my whole body. The leg length discrepancy only amounted to about 4 centimetres. It was not enough for medical intervention, but enough to make a difference in my postural control of my balance.

The change did not affect me until I stopped growing at around 18 years of age, as I was only 13 years old at the time. When I saw an orthopaedic surgeon after the accident, he told me that I should consider eliminating running and the lifting of heavy objects in my life, which may impact on the integrity of my spine in my future.

Of course, these comments were like asking a fish not to swim. It was in my blood to keep playing active sports and participate in running around the field playing hockey.  Plus, I started working as an Occupational Therapist in hospital and I needed to assist many heavy patients with their transfer techniques during their rehabilitation programme that prepared them for discharge home.

This was the time when my back pain really began and as a result I had to give up on my beloved field hockey, with so much back pain. The pain became so bad in my low back pain that my physical activity was reduced to virtually nothing. It resulted on me gaining weight, having no active exercise to burn off all the calories I was eating!

I then tried ways to overcome the leg length discrepancy by using a heel raise in my left shoe in order to level out the length discrepancy. It had absolutely no effect on the sciatica, which continued to interfere with my life.

I tried swimming as an alternative activity that eliminated gravity pushing down on my spine, but I still was not able to get much relief from the pain.

I then moved geographically to Canada, to live and work in a new country, while working in my profession as an Occupational Therapist. One day a friend invited me attend a group bicycle ride out to Niagara Falls. I dug out my bike from storage and joined her on this fun bicycle ride. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the ride and found the other members of the group to be sociable and fun to be around.

Soon after the ride, I was urgently called back to England by my brother, for helping to deal with my father who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He had been admitted to hospital and needed my help to get him out of hospital. I took my bicycle with me back to England and moved into my parent’s home for dealing with my father’s medical problem.

My parents lived in Northwest England, near Chester an old Roman city. I needed a social life, so I joined the local Cycle Touring Club in the area. But soon found that I was not fit enough to go out with all the ex-racing male cyclists each weekend, as I could not keep up with their bicycle pace.

To help increase my cycling strength, I joined a local racing club and started train for the cycle racing that occurred quite often in the local area. The races were called Time Trials, which were circuits of 10, 25, 50 or 100 mile circuits. The fastest person to complete the circuit was the winner.

This type of racing needed training, so that I could increase my endurance to be able to cycle for whichever length race I chose to participate in. I was aged 40 when I started cycling in the cycling group and it was a new experience in my life and helped me cope with the mental stresses at home.

Interestingly, I found that my back pain had completely disappeared. I did not know why as you don’t visit your GP to tell him that your problem is cured. So I never knew until many years later, when I had to see a chiropractor that I had healed my spine.

After ten years of living in England, I returned to Canada for starting a new life at the age of 50. My father had since died and my mother was established in her own apartment back in England. So I returned to Canada and continue my love of love of the country and the cycling, which I had continued every weekend in that ten years that I remained in England.

I chose the city of Vancouver in British Columbia on the west coast to move to, because the  climate is temperate like England and I could cycle all the year around, thus avoiding  the harsh snowy winters throughout the rest of Canada.

However, it was in the winter of 2004 that Vancouver suffered what may have been its worst winter on record. It snowed constantly for a week and the temperatures were well below freezing, which was not normal weather for Vancouver. The city almost came to a standstill with virtually no snow ploughs to clear all the streets in Vancouver of all that snow.

It was a difficult time for commuters getting to work, who depended on vehicles to reach the city during this snowy period when there was no bus transportation until all the snow has been cleared.

I walked wherever I could, as cycling was impossible in the snow. Suddenly, I slipped on some black ice under the snow but I managed to save myself from falling. Then a few weeks later,      I woke up one morning and could not get out of bed, with so much back pain. I realised that I had injured my spine and struggled to get up to the telephone, in order to book an appointment with a local chiropractor for treatment.

The snow had all melted by this time, so I was able to take a bus to visit the chiropractor. I told him about the scoliosis curve in my spine and what had happened during the accident, when I had slipped on the side walk that had black ice under the snow.

He took X-rays of my spine and after viewing them, he asked me what I was doing that had healed the scoliosis in my spine.  I looked at him puzzled and gave him a negative reply. He then showed me the X-rays of my spine and I could see there was no sign of any scoliosis.

I looked at him and asked him how could this have happened and he shrugged his shoulders and told me that whatever it was doing, that I should continue to do it, as the spine was  responding correctly to the moves. I thought about this a lot as I returned home after the spinal treatment.

I suddenly realised that it was the sitting position on my pelvic joints when sitting on the bicycle that had healed my spine. As you cycle on a bicycle, your body weight must move from the central part of your body right back until it goes down a vertical spine that is resting on your pelvic joints. There is no other way to sit on a bicycle as you need your legs to be free for rotating the wheels on the pedals.

I had been doing so much cycling over a ten year period in England that my spine had learned to appreciate the safe position I had used to position my body in. By learning this new position, my body had started to use this position as a alternative to other positions. On my next visit to the chiropractor, I told him about my thoughts on how I might have cured my spine.

He thought about it and readily agreed, although he admitted that he had never seen it occur before. I replied that he probably had never seen anyone cycle as much as I had done, as people spend too much time in their vehicles that think about using a bicycle!

This may seem to be a very active hobby for you to suddenly pursue.  But cycling on the flat can be just as leisurely as walking and will provide amazing therapeutic benefits to your spine.

 You might want to consider cycling in a park, where there are no cars; or round the quiet streets of your neighbourhood. Or take up cycling on a treadmill in a local recreation centre, a gym or even at home, as your therapeutic modality.

Think about what is happening to your body while you sitting on the bicycle:

In order to rotate the pedals on the bike, your body weight has to move back, so that you are body weight sits on your pelvic joints. Then as you are rotating the pedals on the bike, your erect spine absorbs all the vibrations and tweaks out of your spine any strains, twists and pulls that you caused as you moved your spine.

That is why I wrote an article that stated: “Riding a Bicycle is Cheaper than Visiting a Chiropractor” The movements that the chiropractor creates in your spine using a machine on your body while you are lying on the plinth, are the same movements or vibrations that occur while you are sitting and pedalling on your bicycle!  Your cost is only in the purchase of a bicycle and then you have it for ever, while you naturally heal your spine of its pains!









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