Skecher Shape-up Shoes Will Heal Your Back Pain in Walking

I have discussed in another article how motion is the ability to move and that we as humans all have the same ability to move. Physics describes motion as the ability to move using a circular motion.

We as humans all move, so we all must use the same circular motion. It is performed in the way we move our legs. Now we don’t move like a bicycle, using the full circular motion; but we do use part of that motion that is considered a slice of motion, or as Physicists describe it a “pendulum” motion as we move our hips, our knees and our ankles.

When we move our hips and knees, the circular motion is built in to the mechanism of walking our lower limbs, but the ankle has more freedom to choose whether to use the circular motion or not. By using the heal-toe action we are able to create the circular motion and therefore create comfort in our walking pattern.

However, there are many people whom have overlooked this heal-toe method of walking because they have become sedentary and have suffered weight gain that makes their normal pattern of walking irregular through disuse.

As a result these people will suffer with sever back pain as their spine is the main part of their body that will feel their loss of balance and instability when walking.

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