How Can Active Living Solutions Heal My Back Pain?

The causes of your pain are not difficult to understand if you are sedentary, as your body needs movement in order to be functioning normally in every day living.  The reason it is your back is hurting and is your main problem may not be the lack of movement, but the way in which you move.

Your spine is not a flexible part of your body, like your arms and legs.  Your spine is a vertical structure, designed to support your body in an your upright position. It only needs to feel vibrational movements that are being used in the rest of your body.

Your spine will pick up the vibrations of movements, when you move your arms and your legs which you use all the time – even when you are sleeping. As your spine feels those movements, your spine is nudging itself and therefore moving. No other movement is required in your spine.

Having said that, I need to warn you that your spine must remain perfectly straight all the time, in order to feel those nudging movements. Your spine cannot feel movement while you are sitting slumped in a chair or rolled in a ball. When your spine is not vertical, it cannot ease the problems in your spine.

This is where I need to explain about your sitting position. If you really want to understand how to sit in the correct position for your spine to feel comfortable and safe, then you need to go and sit on a bicycle.

By sitting on a bicycle you will understand that your spine does not need a backrest. Your spine is supported by you moving your body weight, while sitting on your pelvic joints.Image result for person pedaling on an upright bicycle

Look at how straight this cyclist’s spine is? She is sitting on her pelvic joints  that allows her legs to be free for pedalling on the bicycle.  Once your body weight is transferred on to your pelvic joints, your spine will become straight and absorb all the movements from that sitting posture.

I wrote an article called “Riding a Bicycle is Cheaper Than Visiting a Chiropractor” on which informs you that when you have back pain, you need to go and ride a bicycle.

By riding a bicycle, you are doing the same movements that a chiropractor uses with a machine that you can actually do yourself by riding a bicycle! In this way you are correcting your spine, but using a natural pose that can continued as an ongoing hobby. The only cost will be the cost of purchasing the bicycle and all the equipment associated with cycling, such as a helmet and clothing.

I might add that when I injured my back in my previous story, I could not get on my bicycle to heal my spine as it was winter and Vancouver had some very bad weather at that time. It was fortunate for me that I visited a chiropractor, or I would never have known how I had healed my own back pain!

Image result for person sitting on a bicycle

Now I want you to examine this man’s sitting position. His is leaning forward on a racing bike, but notice that he is still sitting on his pelvic joints, pedalling with his legs and his spine still remains perfectly straight.  The vertebra in the spine has the capacity to stay connected to each other, but will always remain straight like a ruler when sitting on your pelvic joints. He is just leaning forward, but the sitting  position remains the same because he is sitting on his pelvic joints.

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