Riding a Bicycle Can Heal Your Back Pain

Cycling heals back pain through a Physics theory called “Uniform Circular Motion”. This is where an object moves using a circular motion at a constant speed.  In other words, movement occurs through circular motion and that is how a bicycle moves and also a car by using their circular tires. This is how everything moves by uniform circular motion.

Not everything moves in a full circle like a bicycle or a car. Time uses divisions such as hours minutes and seconds that are part of the full circle. Let’s look at the grandfather clock. This explains the division in more concrete manner. The divisions are like slices of pie that divide the day into hours, minutes and seconds.

The grandfather clock uses the pendulum action for each second of time that builds into the sections of ‘pie’ for the time divisions. Watch the motion of movement as time ticks by each second. The tick tock action is the pendulum motion of time, dividing the circle into individual thin slices of pie.

It all sounds very interesting you may say, but what does it have to do with my back pain?? The human body moves, so it must use Uniform Circular Motion. So how do we use circles in our skeletal joints.

If we look at the way in which our body moves using exactly the same motion. What do we use to move – out legs. They do not move in a pendulum motion, but our hip does. The hip swings backwards and forwards like the pendulum motionOur hips move backwards and forwards in a pendulum motion, which is part of the circle. Then our knee moves in the same manner but using a smaller pendulum action. Finally our ankles are designed also to move in a pendulum action using the heel toe action of movement.

Each of these skeletal joint movements in our lower limbs create motion in our body, enabling our body to move with ease. When we don’t move with ease, it means the pendulum movement is not correct and needs to be corrected.

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